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  1. 3 Methods to Hard/Factory Reset LG Phone
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But either of them need google account verification or will erase all the data on your phone. In such a situation, you can consider using a professional phone unlock software to unlock your phone. Step 3. Currently dr. So please select the correct phone model information here. Step 5.

After the phone boot in download mode successfully, dr. Then click on Remove the completely remove the lock screen. Just in a few seconds, your phone will restart in normal mode without any lock screen. The whole process is just as easy as So, Google login can be used to unlock locked LG phone if you forget the Backup PIN which can be setup and changed while setting up screen lock like pattern lock or face lock on your LG device.

Root your Android devices by yourself at home to customize your device and enjoy more.

3 Methods to Hard/Factory Reset LG Phone

Aug 16, Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Backup PINs are required as a backup to the regular pattern lock, face detection lock or voice recognition lock on LG devices. This comes handy as there are chances you forget the pattern lock or at times the phone might not recognize the voice or face phone lock is set up for. That's when the backup PIN on LG devices can be used to unlock the device from the secondary layer of locking system. So, you can fall back on backup PINs when you forget the screen lock you had set for the device or even when the device does not recognize the primary unlock key.

While the face detection lock and voice recognition lock work well, the device might sometimes fail to recognize.

LG United Mobile Driver - Download

That's why the LG device prompts you to have a backup PIN set as well which can be used as a backup if the face or voice recognition fails. Even in case of pattern lock , if you forget the pattern, backup PIN can help. There are 5 types of screen lock methods out of which you can select one and they are as follows: Only Blogger Templates.

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