Blackberry 16gb playbook with wi-fi review

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The BlackBerry PlayBook is a schizophrenic tablet that will bring great joy to some users but utterly baffle others. For some tasks it outclasses almost all other tablets yet it lacks some of the most basic functions offered by every other alternative. The bezel round its screen may be a tad chunky but otherwise the plain black glass covered front — with its subtle BlackBerry logo — is pure minimalist class.

BlackBerry PlayBook Review

Likewise the matt black back is a lesson in muted elegance. Where the iPad 2, with its 9. This is also helped by the soft-touch finish of the back, which lives up to its description perfectly. In contrast the iPad 2 is Clearly different people have different requirements for a tablet but to our minds the size of this device shared with devices like the HTC Flyer and Samsung Galaxy Tab has always been more desirable both for its out-and-about portability and its general round the house ease of use.

BlackBerry PlayBook Review

Connectivity is also decent. You also get a rather nifty neoprene sleeve to keep the tablet protected. Up top, along with the volume and power buttons, is a headphone jack. Above the screen is a 3-megapixel front facing camera along with an oddly prominent hole for the ambient light sensor that optionally controls the screen brightness. Is the PlayBook a business player like its smartphone colleagues, Torch and Bold ? Or is the target group sooner demanding consumers?

The answers can be read in this review. The silver Black Berries on the lid are the only visible tint of color. But we wouldn't put the PlayBook face down anyway. It's nevertheless a practical idea.

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We can't twist the slim device significantly with both hands. We wouldn't even have the slightest idea about how to open the PlayBook since there aren't any screws. But, the upgrade-eager and tinkerers aren't the target group anyway. The scope of interfaces is low. The manufacturer doesn't include a cable for the latter. The three pin socket beside it is only for connecting the optionally available charging base Rapid Charging Pod. Last but not least, a headphone can also be connected. The PlayBook doesn't have an SD slot for reading out pictures from the digital camera. Too bad, because it seems that the envisaged business mobility won't bear fruit without 3G.

The latter also allows downloading data via special apps directly from the smartphone. For example, an app can be authorized to only access the own files. According to the manufacturer, jailbreaking is not possible, i. More about that in Performance. Version 2.

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It is supposed to support Adobe Air 3. That would make converted apps via tools from the App World executable on the PlayBook. Unfortunately, we don't find an email client on the PlayBook and thus emails have to be read in old-school manner via the Web browser. Only " Blackberry Bridge " and a BlackBerry smartphone can help here.

Multi-tasking powerhouse still needs an interface boost

A submenu is available when it's set up and shows access to contacts, calendar, notes and mail traffic. That's not much because even the manufacturer's low-priced smartphones get 24 months. RIM doesn't sell warranty extensions for any of its products. An issue that the Android competition likes to forget is security. This is backed by the fact that Android apps aren't only distributed over the official market, but also uncontrolled over various sources. There are anti-virus and anti-malware programs, but does every user realize their necessity?

This scenario wouldn't be an issue for RIM because corporate users especially in large IT infrastructures respond touchily to system-related vulnerability. There are so-called development kits that create the interface to the OS so that developers can program apps. The preinstalled applications are divided into the fields: The apps are crucial for looking at pictures or playing videos and music.

A YouTube app and a weather app are installed, but not an eBook reader. However, missing apps aren't a problem. They can be found in the App World. Aficionados of the Android market will be surprised about the abundance of applications.

Technical Details

At most, a low bandwidth stands in the way of high resolution video calls with the PlayBook. The black edge around the IPS screen seems to be very wide 1. For the record, these three standard buttons comes with Android in the lower left. Wake up from standby: Swipe from the top to the bottom edge or vice versa Switch among apps: Swipe from the left or right edge toward center Close app: Swipe from bottom to center Open Menu or app: Swipe from top to center.

The BlackBerry smartphone users already have practice with this.

This week on CNET News

Unfortunately, there is no microphone option for speaking a Web URL, for example. The keyboard function crashed once during the test and couldn't be removed from the foreground. A hardware reset was necessary here. It doesn't seem to be the sensor's fault since NFS Undercover shows a responsive control. The operating system is divided into tabs and categories. Android 3. Scrolling and infinite two finger zooming is easy and clicks are accurate. The browser supports flash and HTML 5. Honeycomb doesn't offer this feature. In comparison: Technically, finger input is capacitive multi-touch, as usual.

The reflective screen leaves a sea of fingerprints, but that is a drawback that all tablets have in common. If the screen is dimmed, the contrast even increases. This is particularly advantageous indoors, because the light sensor automatically dims the screen in darker surroundings.

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Consequently, black areas look even darker white content sinks. The competition can't keep up: There's no doubt that the brightness will suffice for outdoor use, even despite the glare type. The following viewing angle picture from the darkroom doesn't reveal any color deviations, regardless of which angle we look at the screen. The advantage compared to a standard kernel structure, such as in Android Linux kernel: An operation isn't processed as a whole, but as a series of smaller tasks called servers.

Third party app developers therefore only have to take care of the relevant servers of their app and not the remainder of the operating system. That's not only theory, but also visible. Tablet OS supports both. But that also applies to Android 3. The tablet comparison in Browsermark, Google V8 and Sunspider 0. The Sunspider test only focuses on JavaScript. Thus, the measured results are not sufficient for a final evaluation of the system's performance.

None proved to be a problem for the PlayBook. The offer doesn't seem as abundant as that of the Android Market. There is particularly a lack of big publishers who offer tablet versions of their games. The case gets warm during normal use without hours of video playback or uninterrupted gaming, but hardly ever exceeds 30 degrees Celsius on the rear-sided soft-grip surface. But that is only selective. Their volume is remarkable for a small tablet. That prevents a sudden sound explosion over the internal speakers when the headphones are disconnected.

We use a voltmeter at the 10 watt power adapter of the PlayBook to measure the power consumption. The battery was fully charged for all measurements can't be removed.

BlackBerry PlayBook review | TechRadar

The PlayBook should be able to last for weeks with one battery charge when only used sporadically. What runtime can potential buyers at best expect? That seems like a lot, but is unrealistic due to inactivity, lowest brightness and disabled wireless modules. The 8. They are located on the left and right inside the case, and thus the weight is distributed evenly.