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Android Doesn’t Manage Processes Like Windows

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  4. Does Your Android Need A Task Killer App?

Advanced Task Manager is another one of the more popular task management apps. It has sort of evolved into a phone booster. That's not the best news because booster apps don't work well. However, this is a task manager that works on Nougat.

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That's fairly rare. You can use it to kill apps and games, clear out RAM, and a few other things. It has an ignore list for those apps you don't want closed. This is one of a few that works on newer versions of Android. We wouldn't recommend you do that, though. It's still good for older devices as well.

ES Task Manager Price: This one looks better than most. It's also one of only a few task management apps that have Material Design.

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Unlike many of these, the feature list is ridiculously long and includes all the standard features of a task management app along with pretty much everything in ES File Explorer. The two apps integrate fairly well. Do beware of those snake oil features. The app won't speed up your phone.

We tried. Simple System Monitor Price: Simple System Monitor is, well, a simple system monitor. It also includes a task manager, a cache cleaner, and some other tools. Otherwise, it works quite well as both a system monitor app and a task manager app.

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SystemPanel 2 Price: SystemPanel 2 is one of the only task management apps that is still worth using. Instead of boasting some magical one-click solution, it just shows you a bunch of information. It'll show you how long apps have fun on any particular day.

It'll also show active apps, app CPU usage, and more. It can also backup some data. There are root features as well, including disabling app services and more. It should work really well up through Android Nougat at least. Thankfully, any apps that are closed by ShutApp stay closed and will not restart immediately.

The app is also capable of shutting down background apps automatically even on unrooted smartphones. ShutApp also completely blocks data flow when the smartphone is not in use. The app also allows you to easily look up which apps are currently running and gives you the option of immediately stopping them with one click.

If you absolutely know an app is not being a nuisance, you can put it in the whitelist to exclude it from being hibernated. ES Task Manager is a fairly straightforward and simple to use app killer for Android that presents all the available options right on the main screen.

The design of the app is well polished and users will feel at home while using it.

Does Your Android Need A Task Killer App?

Those that you deem useful can stay on, while others can be easily killed. Freeing up the system memory is also really easy with this app. However, they are all very essential, so it is recommended that you keep them on anyways.

Task Killer is a highly straightforward app that allows you to kill apps without much effort. So, if you want the apps to be killed after every hour, you can easily do so with this option. There is also an ignore list that allows you to whitelist certain apps that you want running all the time.

Best App Killers for Android

For example, if you want Facebook Messenger to run continuously in the background, you can simply put it in the ignore list. However, we are not here because we like the looks of best app killers, we are here to find the best killers only. And just like real life, Advanced Task Killer looks like an inconspicuous assassin that only means business.

One great option available in this app is the ability to auto start upon a restart. This means even if you restart your device, Advanced Task Killer will return and automatically kill apps that you had selected previously. The straight to business attitude of this great app killer for Android makes it one of the best ones in the business. These were some of the best app killers for Android that will surely make short work of annoying apps on your device. One of the biggest annoyances of using a carrier smartphone is the unnecessary bloatware that their smartphones come with.

Does Your Android Need A Task Killer App?

Over the years they have been toning it down by combining everything into one app, same goes for manufacturers that previously loved to shoehorn their own versions of simple apps. Until we achieve stock Android on every device imaginable, you will need to employ the services of the best app killers for Android. Do tell us why you personally need an app killer on your device? Which app is going to be executed first with an app killer? We would love to hear from you.